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Jimmy Moore’s N=1 ketones blood meter and exercise

Go Jimmy Go! Gosh I am truly inspired to try a level of exercise beyond walking/hiking. Most of my life even, though not overweight , I was just lousy at exercise and had zero stamina or endurance. I joined a gym in my early 40’s and tried to follow a program with fitness instructor guidance and just seemed to get weaker and less tolerant the longer it went on. After 3 months I quit as I was feeling worse than when I started.  I was not overweight at all at that time.

A ketone blood meter is not in my current budget-but just a day prior to reading this I decided to further reduce carbs as I just do not feel I am keto-adapted well enough.  I consume <30g/day net carbs. You would think that this amount would be low enough but I am tweaking this and watching protein to see what changes come along. I would say I am going for zero carbs but that won’t happen as I eat cheese. I can definitely stay under 20g/day and was doing so back in the spring and felt great.

I am pretty sure I eat no-where near 80g protein/day. Typically 50-70 or so but I will track for a few days to reorient myself. I recall this from a previous post. Perhaps your first on this N=1. I do eat a lot of fat around 75-80% of my calories.

Per Jimmy

– Ketogenic level of carbs, below 20g daily for me (I think for me too – or close)
– Significant reduction in absolute value of protein to 75-80g daily (biggest key IMHO) I definitely get that this is a key. I think where it gets me is my evening eating more so than my intake.
– A purposeful increase in dietary fat, primarily from butter, coconut oil, high-fat foods. I think I am good here.

But what about what Volek/Phinney wrote about in their Performance book? They claim that once you are in nutritional ketosis and are fully keto-adapted burning ketone bodies instead of glucose (sugar) for energy, you tap into a virtually unlimited (40,000+ calories) energy source (body fat) compared to those who limit their energy calories to a glycogen tank of only around 2,000 calories as a sugar-burner. This even applies to very lean athletes with 10% body fat as well as the rest of us who have even more stored body fat just waiting to be tapped into. While much of Dr. Phinney’s research has been on endurance athletes in a carbohydrate-restricted state, keto-adaptation extends to virtually any form of exercise that needs to be fueled. As someone who has grown to love weight lifting (yes, I said LOVE it!) over the past year and a half, I decided to put this keto-adapted thing to the test for myself (GULP!) to see how I’d do. What I experienced in those eight weight-lifting sessions at the gym over the past month was nothing short of miraculous!

via Jimmy Moore’s Livin’ La Vida Low Carb Blog.

  1. February 22, 2013 at 12:50 am

    Hi friends, its impressive piece of writing about educationand completely defined,
    keep it up all the time.

  2. October 12, 2012 at 5:03 pm

    I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, so I am not low enough carb to go into ketosis on a normal basis but I fast frequently. So I temporarily go into ketosis. I want to get something that can measure if I am in ketosis but I have been too lazy to.

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